Unfortunately due to high demand for beginner courses we have had to create a waiting list which is currently greater than one (1) year


If you have never tried to shoot a bow but like the idea and did not know how to start, why not try our starters course. 

The course includes six (6) hours training during our club nights on Saturday during the winter, or Tuesday during the summer from a qualified coach to put you on the right track.


Included in the Course:-

The course includes all the equipment needed to learn to shoot.  Bow, Arrows, Arm guard, Tab for your fingers and insurance from Archery GB during the course period.



Safety is of prime importance not because archery is dangerous, but because there are rules we follow to make sure we don't have accident.  Instructions will be given on safety procedures and the rules.


Archery does not have any age limits and people shoot well into their seventies and more.  We would normally consider children from thirteen years of age onwards, however we are will to consider younger children on an individual basis.


The Club has indoor target shooting facilities at Goldthorpe on Saturdays during the winter and use of local cricket ground during the summer, weather permitting.  Archers would normally shoot in all weather, however the training sessions would not normally be held in the rain.

After the training Course:-

When the training course is complete we would be happy if you considered joining the club and we can talk more about that during the course


For further information please contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Facebook


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